DemocraKey PRO

Surf Anonymous | Encrypt Personal Files | Secure Delete Files | Eliminate Viruses


DemocraKey PRO Features:

Surf Anonymous

Encrypt your internet connection from anywhere and surf securely. The DemocraKey includes a web browser based on Mozilla code tailored specifically to internet privacy. Don’t worry about leaking your personal data over an insecured internet cafe. The TOR network ensures 100% encryption through your internet access point.

Encrypt Personal Data

Password protect and secure all your files. The DemocraKey PRO comes with the ability to lock all your files, images, and folders from unauthorized users. It’s based upon AES-XTS, government certified encryption standard. It’s been certified safe for Top Secret documents in the United States Government.

The DemocraKey PRO encryption includes 100% portability not requiring any administrator access. It’s 100% plug & play compatible, and automatically erases all files edited on the host system.

Shred Personal Data

Even if you’ve deleted a personal file on a computer, it is possible for forensics to recover your original data. We’ve included a secure delete utility for when you’ve really got to delete your files. It works according to strict government guidelines, and overwrites your personal data up to 5 times, rendering your personal information unrecoverable.

Send Secure Email

We’ve included PGP based Email for 100% encrypted, secure email communications. Never send another email in plain text again. Nobody can read your documents you send, except the people you’ve intended to. In fact, email encryption is now necessary for Healthcare providers sending Patient Records. The DemocraKey is ready and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Send Secure Instant Messages

With Pidgin and OTR, we’ve now added secure instant messaging to the DemocraKey PRO. Have a conversation securely anywhere, and verify who you’re talking to. No other Portable Privacy Suite offers secure instant messaging.

Eliminate Viruses on the Host Computer

Plug a DemocraKey PRO into any computer, and instantly discover if there are viruses residing in memory. The DemocraKey PRO includes a portable virus scanner that lets you know immediately if the host computer has viruses running. Fix them all by running our included antivirus software, and see your host computer speed up in minutes!