DemocraKey V3.0 Released

by Kirk

Version 4.0 Is Now Available! Read more and download the latest version here.
It’s been a while in the making, but the DemocraKey Version 3.0 has been released in two different flavors. There is a Minimal DemocraKey, and a Full DemocraKey. The new versions are both 100% Vista compatible, and a great improvement from Version 2.0.

Minimal DemocraKey
Minimal DemocraKey is a basic, secure install of the DemocraKey.

It includes:

  • Tor Browser – For anonymous web browsing without using an insecure anonymous proxy
  • Clamwin Portable – To check the host computer for viruses, and to clean before surfing anonymously
  • Thunderbird Portable – Send anonymous email or encrypted email with Enigmail and GnuPGP
  • TrueCrypt – Create hidden volumes and encrypt your files so they are unreadable

You can download the minimal version here.
Version 4.0 Is Now Available! Read more and download the latest version here.

Full DemocraKey
Full DemocraKey is a complete, secure portable USB suite. It includes all of the applications from within the minimal install, plus:

  • AbiWord Portable – Write and open documents saved within your encrypted folders
  • Gimp Portable – Open and edit images saved within your encrypted folders

DemocraKey PRO
DemocraKey PRO is recommended for those who want the highest level of protection. It is a preconfigured DemocraKey Full already optimized for personal protection.

It comes with all the features of Full DemocraKey, plus custom software designed to ensure your surfing in complete anonymity, with access to the strongest personal encryption.

  • Best for Business People – Automatically sync your personal files, and financial information to any computer. Automatically guarantee your security, on any computer.
  • Best for Computer Protection – Keep all traces of your browsing habits hidden from the host computer. No need to delete history files, cookies, or other pieces.
  • Best for Financial Security – Your computer is the weakest link in your financial security. It is worth paying extra for protection.

Purchase the DemocraKey PRO for $99 $29.95!
The DemocraKey Pro comes with features not included in the Open Source DemocraKey, including:

  • Country of Origin – Choose which country to surf from, allowing you to stream videos from countries which have banned video streams.
  • Boot CD – Turn any computer into a trusted, safe source with our proprietary boot CD, allowing you to edit the host computer, take files, and remove viruses safely.

You can download the full version of the DemocraKey here

Both versions are available for immediate download at Sourceforge. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below.

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H. Seldon July 15, 2010 at 7:05 am

I work at a place that allows us to access the Internet. The computers are networked based requiring us to have to log on with a user name and password. When we are on the Internet, our time is tracked and if we go over so many hours per month, we get in trouble. Will the Democrakey provide me with the means of getting on the Internet at work without my time being tracked?

Thank you,
H. Seldon

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