Announcing the DemocraKey LiveCD

by Kirk

The Portable Privacy Suite is Now a Complete Operating System

The Wikileaks case has proven that people who choose to leak information are being tracked. A group calling themselves “Project Vigilant” said they traced back the upload that put Bradley Manning in jail. They admitted active monitoring to over 250 million IP addresses.

In response to their choice to track leaks, and report them to the government, we’ve released our own “privacy enhanced” version of OpenSuse.

The goal of this LiveCD is to create a non-unique browser footprint. We want the same browser footprint running everywhere, and we want to provide an untraceable leaking and information access point. For some, sharing information is outlawed, and for others, viewing information is outlawed.

The DemocraKey LiveCD aims to give both sides of the equation their fair turn to speak and share information without fear of being prosecuted by repressive regimes.

The Technology Behind the DemocraKey LiveCD

The DemocraKey LiveCD is based on OpenSUSE 11.3. The LiveCD loads up TOR (the onion router) on boot, includes the following software to enhance anonyminity:

  • Vidallia for user friendly TOR settings
  • Polipo for a secure proxy through TOR
  • Firefox enhanced for Privacy with:
    • Cookie Culler – Manage cookies and delete trackers
    • FlashBlock – Manage and block flash
    • TorButton – Easy acccess to enable and disable TOR
  • Thunderbird with Enigmail – for encrypted mail communications
  • GnuPG – for GnuPG management of encryption keys
  • Pidgin with OTR – for secured internet messaging with verified recipients
  • TrueCrypt – for strong personal file encryption
  • Wireshark – for wireless network discovery
  • KeepassX – for managing passwords

How to Get the LiveCD

The LiveCD is available at SourceForge. Simply click this link, and download your personal ISO. For people running in Windows, the easiest way to burn an ISO is with ISORecorder. It’s free, and once your DemocraKey LiveCD has been downloaded, it will be straightforward to burn the CD.

Once burnt, simply insert the CD and restart your computer. Your computer should automatically boot into a device selection menu and allow you to choose to boot into the DemocraKey LiveCD.

The Username is tux, and the Password is linux
Root password is also linux

How to Help

Right now, the DemocraKey LiveCD is still in beta. We’re actively looking for people to download and test out our software. Please, download your copy, and share a few copies with a few of your friends. Let people know about the need for a private way to access information.

Post this page to your Facebook, and twitter. Digg and Reddit it. We need all the support we can get to ensure equal access to information.

You can also fork our project over at If you’re comfortable using dd, you can also download a USB image, and have your own USB based DemocraKey LiveCD. It can be a bit faster, depending on what sort of a USB key you get.

Support the Project

If you’re interested in a faster version, we’re also selling USB keys preloaded with the system. These USB keys are the fastest available on the market, and approach the maximum speed possible with a USB interface. You can view more information and prices at the Purchase DemocraKey page.


Thanks to the folks over at Their technology made building this LiveCD easier than ever. Also, thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to support the DemocraKey over the years. Your purchases have made this new release possible. Thanks to the people who’ve worked on all the great Open Source projects included in this release. They are the real champions.

Finally, thanks to you for protecting freedom on thought!


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