US Government Contractor Admits Snooping

by Kirk

According to Forbes magazine, a contractor for the United States government has been monitoring internet users patterns for months now. In fact, it recently leaked the personal details of the person responsible for the Wikileaks videos, called “collateral murder”.

In this video, US troops are shown opening fire on unarmed medical personnel. Bradley Manning, a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst leaked the video through an anonymous post on Wikileaks. However, because he did not encrypt his internet connection first, the snooper agency calling themselves Project Vigilant logged his details and access information.

This means the hacker Adrian Lamo didn’t seek out and discover the leaker. In fact, snooping over internet service providers is what did the whistle blower in. Instead, Forbes magazine says members of Project Vigilant came to Adrian Lamo to have him break the news. To be the fall guy.

From Forbes:

According to Uber, one of Project Vigilant’s manifold methods for gathering intelligence includes collecting information from a dozen regional U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs). Uber declined to name those ISPs, but said that because the companies included a provision allowing them to share users’ Internet activities with third parties in their end user license agreements (EULAs), Vigilant was able to legally gather data from those Internet carriers and use it to craft reports for federal agencies. A Vigilant press release says that the organization tracks more than 250 million IP addresses a day and can “develop portfolios on any name, screen name or IP address.”

This is more proof that our internet connections are all being monitored. We are not safely obscured by the sheer amount of people using the wire. The abuses of power that will inevitably happen later will all be opaque.

There is no method to audit who has control of the snooping, and when it’s justified. Understand, never before have a few people had access to everything every individual has said. We can expect no privacy until after we begin demanding it.

Is your Internet Service Provider protecting your privacy? Project Vigilant says it’s tracking 250 million IP addresses a day. That means you’re being followed. What happens when a power hungry politician gets control of this information?

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