Announcing DemocraKey X (Version 4)

by Kirk

The DemocraKey X (Version 4.0) is now available for immediate download. The DemocraKey now includes a launcher which runs upon key insertion. It brings up a window allowing you to build Truecrypt Volumes, Mount Encrypted Drives, Surf anonymous, Send Encryted Email, Run a Virus Scan, and more.

  • Tor Browser – For anonymous web browsing without using an insecure anonymous proxy
  • Clamwin Portable – To check the host computer for viruses, and to clean before surfing anonymously
  • Thunderbird Portable – Send anonymous email or encrypted email with Enigmail and GnuPGP
  • TrueCrypt – Create hidden volumes and encrypt your files so they are unreadable
  • Abiword – View and Edit Documents from your secured directories

To get started, run the installer. You can now install to a directory on the Desktop, and run your DemocraKey from your own computer, if you choose. Otherwise, simply extract to the root directory of the removable media of your choice. You’ll be able to insert your key and have it autorun when needed.

Surfing Anonymous

When you click to surf anonymous, TOR will run and launch a Portable Firefox. At the bottom right hand corner of your browser, you’ll see whether or not TOR is enabled. To surf anonymous, you’ll need to enable TOR. Press CTRL+2 to enable TOR browsing. You will now be browsing anonymous.

This is a little bit slower than normal, so use it only when necessary.

Securing Files with Encryption

The DemocraKey uses TrueCrypt to encrypt all of your files. TrueCrypt creates a password protect folder for you to put any files into. These files are all automatically encrypted once they are saved in the folder.

To get started, click Create Secure Folder in DemocraKey X. A wizard will pop up and walk you through the creation of creating an encrypted file container. Click next, and click create Standard Truecrypt Volume.

Select a location in your DemocraKey installation, and name your file. Make sure and give it the extension “.tc”. You’ll then be able to see your file later, when it’s necessary to mount it.

Select AES encryption, and click next. Type in a file size you’d like to keep your hidden files in. A good size for text and a few images is 200 MB.

Finally, enter your password twice. Click next, and at the final screen you’ll be asked to move your mouse around to generate randomness. Do this, then hit enter. Your secure folder will be created. Click exit to leave the file creator.

Opening Secure Folders

In the DemocraKey launcher, click Open Secure Folder. A window will pop up. Select your drive, and then down where it says Volume, click select file. Browse to the file you created earlier, and hit enter. Then click the bottom left button that says Mount.

Your secure folder should pop up as a new drive attached to your computer. Copy and paste files here as necessary. They’ll all be automatically encrypted.

Closing Secure Folders

Simply click Eject Secure Folder in the DemocraKey launcher. All encrypted mounted drives will be unplugged and unreadable without entering the password once more.

Announcing Invisible Search

We also included our latest project as the default search engine, It’s currently in development, but we aim to have a completely hidden search engine within the next few weeks. We’re worried by how relevant ads are getting through Google. Simply searching for certain products now gives you Adsense ads relevant to your search history. This is getting unacceptable. keeps no tracks of what you search, and also hides what you searched for from the site you visit. In the future, all search terms will be obfuscated, so somebody sniffing on your searches at the ISP level will have no idea what you’ve been searching for. We feel this is an important feature in a search engine.

Download Now

Get the DemocraKey X Installer over at Run the executable, and it will install to the path you specify. If you’re putting it on a USB key, make sure you extract it to the Root folder to have the DemocraKey launch when run. Otherwise, double click DemocraKey.exe to run the DemocraKey.

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Nick September 3, 2010 at 9:17 am

Hi there,
I just downloaded and installed but there is no democrakey launch application, just the various application folders and the Truecrypt installer.

Is your latest installable compiled correctly?

Kirk September 3, 2010 at 10:57 am

Hey Nick,

I tested the download from Sourceforge, and it installed correctly. After installing, there will be an executable named “DemocraKey.exe”. That is the launcher, and that should get you up and running. If you still don’t have it, please try reinstalling.


– Kirk

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