The Top 5 Scariest Non-Fiction Books You’ve Never Read

by Kirk

5. The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America

Why It’s So Scary
What’s with all those new majors popping up, that you just have to wonder about? Why is a TV show being taught at a top world university? Isn’t that show fiction?

Professors delves into the radical backgrounds, and suspect qualifications of professors at some of the world’s most renowned institutions. But what’s most scary about Professors is the downright intolerance for opposing viewpoints in environments that are supposed to be about “opening minds”.

Scary Takeaway: The world’s most intelligent people are all becoming the exact same, politically. They’re pushing out opposing political viewpoints and brushing them off as irrelevant and basic. And they’re turning political correctness into a way of life.

4. Beyond Freedom and Dignity

Why It’s So Scary
B.F. Skinner is sure he knows why you’re so unsatisfied. It’s because you believe you’re the one who’s in control of your life. That’s an illusion. Your environment and culture are really in control of you.

Let go of the ideas of Freedom and Dignity. They’re so meta and unmeasurable. Think instead, in terms of overall life satisfaction. According to Skinner, behavioral science is discovering what you enjoy much quicker than you ever will.

So create a society controlled absolutely by scientists with their knowledge of behavioral science and what makes the human machine tick. They’ll give you a world full of perfection, and you won’t miss your freedom or dignity ever again.

Fearful Takeaway: So you’re telling me, all I have to do is give you scientists absolute control of my life, and I’ll be happy forever? Isn’t this already happening?

3. Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years

Why It’s So Scary
Do you believe in man made global warming? Do you believe that we can do anything to stop it? Do you believe oil companies are paying to spread disinformation?

All of this gets questioned when you start reading Unstoppable Global Warming. What if humans really have had no effect on the global climate? What if the global climate is too complex for us to ever understand? What could the potential costs be if we’re wrong on either end?

The climate change deniers says climate change is really about government control. The climate change believers say climate change is all about survival. In all honesty, the questions seem bigger than both sides.

Fearful Takeaway: We’re screwed by a big brother’s growth in power and control if climate change is false, and probably screwed anyway if man made climate change is true.

2. Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control

Why It’s So Scary
In the 1960s, a psychiatrist named Donald Cameron was hired by the CIA to begin doing secret mind control experiments. The problem was, most of his patients didn’t know they were part of his special “tests”. Such tests included, from Wikipedia:

In addition to LSD and PCP (Phencyclidine), Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs, as well as electroconvulsive therapy at 30 to 40 times the normal power. His “driving” experiments consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced coma for months on end (up to three in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements. His experiments were typically carried out on patients who had entered the institute for minor problems such as anxiety disorders and post-partum depression, many of whom suffered permanently from his actions. His work in this field was inspired and paralleled by the British psychiatrist Dr William Sargant who carried out virtually identical experiments at St Thomas’ Hospital, London and Belmont Hospital, Surrey, also without his patients’ consent.

Yikes! The author’s father was one of the unwitting subjects. He saw the doctor for anxiety, and had his whole world destroyed by these experiments.

Fearful Takeaway: Be careful in trusting that medical doctor. He may be hired by the CIA to pump you full of drugs for months on end to try and reprogram you. Oh, and then become president of the World Psychiatric Association after destroying hundreds of other people’s lives.

1. The Bell Curve

Why It’s So Scary
The Bell Curve is a book that takes a look at the hard numbers. What is happening to IQ in America, and how does IQ correlate to income?

The results are not pretty. If you’ve got an IQ under 140, you’re screwed. The only people making decent incomes are highly intelligent people. And there’s even competition amongst the top, so really, only the very top of intelligent people will ever amount to anything.

The books final chapters talk about dealing with the people with lower IQ. Yes, they raise the prospect of labor camps, because people with low IQs “can’t be trusted to manage their own money”. They make the point that more than half of the people alive today don’t contribute anything to society, a point exemplified by the fact that only half of all Americans ended up paying any income tax at all.

Fearful Takeaway: Holy shit. I though I was smart, but now I’m beginning to have doubts. My income is not nearly as impressive as I would have assumed. The smart people will be the new master race. Damn, this shit is horrifying. Because these people run the world now.

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