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It’s a fact. The bad guys are becoming more sophisticated every day. They’re now disguising their viruses as Anti Virus software. If you’ve got two or three anti viruses working at once, chances are, your computer is no longer safe.
Log in to your bank account at your own risk!

Imagine being immune to hacker attempts to steal your financial information.

A USB based DemocraKey creates a protected environment for your to surf the web, manage finances, all while keeping your tracks hidden from the host computer. Simply plug your personal key in, enter your password, and begin surfing the net with the ultimate level of protection.

The DemocraKey can even fix already infected computers.

Quantities of the DemocraKey are running low. If your order says we’re out of stock, please try ordering again later.

No traces of web browsing habits are left on the host computer. Host computer is kept free of viruses with portable scanner.

Using the DemocraKey is easy, safe, and 100% legal. Every citizen has the right to privacy, but you’ve got to make sure you maintain it. You can store any file on a DemocraKey, and nobody can prove it exists. That includes the Government, Companies, and even us! There are no back doors built into the software, and there never will be because the software is open source and free.

That means private citizens with no commercial interests can audit the computer code to make sure no government authority puts any code in. This is truly the way the founding fathers of the US would have had the internet be.

By buying a DemocraKey through us you guarantee someone with a voice continues to be able to tell people about the importance of privacy in the coming ages. We also donate a portion of all proceeds to the open source software creators who donate their free time to creating this desperately needed software.

Ensure the future of an open society, and stop the potential big brothers of the world. Buy a DemocraKey and ensure the next generation has free anonymous access to ideas and information.

Every DemocraKey Kit includes military level encryption software that would have cost thousands for a private citizen to develop. We also include books describing how to protect your phone conversations and even your online conversations. You also recieve a 4 GB USB key, containing plenty of room for your images or documents you want to keep from the prying eyes of big brother. These keys cost at least $50 retail, and we purchase different brands so no one can tell exactly which key has the software on it.

We’ve decided getting this software in the hands of the public is more important than profitability, so we’re now offering the DemocraKey kit for $150 $99! That just barely covers the cost of producing the kits and donating a portion to the developers. We decided the publicity for Free Speech is more than enough payback for helping people.

We encourage everyone to purchase as soon as possible, because this software may not be legal for much longer. With the new NSA director in the US, the future of the legality of this software is questionable.

But if you already have it, nobody can tell, because your DemocraKey’s software has the same level of encryption the military uses.

Buy a USB DemocraKey PRO kit and support the free exchange of ideas on
the internet:

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Quantities of the DemocraKey are running low. If your order says we’re out of stock, please try ordering again. We are working hard to maintain inventory to meet demand.

Each 4GB DemocraKey PRO Kit includes the following:

  • 1 4GB USB Key
  • 1 CD with DemocraKey software and eBook describing installation
  • 2 Guides to setting up and using your DemocraKey

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